James Cliff Bertram

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Children with:
Dorothy Davison Bage

Ann Bertram
Harriet Bertram
John T Bertram
Joseph Bertram
Margaret Bertram
Dorothy Bertram
Ethel Bertram
Isabella Bertram
James Cliff Bertram
James Cliff Bertram
  • Born: 1847
  • Married 1868, Tynemouth, to Dorothy Davison Bage
  • Died: 9 Apr 1899, 33 Church Street, North Shields
  • Occupation: Mariner

    1881 Census - Vessel "SS Thetis" , Portland, Dorset, England

    Household :

    Henry Deeker GAGE Other M Male 56 Norfolk, Master
    Alxander BAINES Other M Male 55 Orkney, Scotland, Mate
    Thomas CUMMINGS Other M Male 57 North Sheilds, Second Mate
    James HOWARD Other M Male 25 North Sheilds, Cook And Steward
    James PURVES Other M Male 54 North Sheilds, N'land, A B Seaman
    Wm. SPENCE Other M Male 30 Norfolk, England A B Seaman
    John RAMSAY Other M Male 31 South Shields, N'land, A B Seaman
    William PEACOCK Other M Male 33 North Shields, N'land, A B Seaman
    James BARTRAM Other M Male 35 North Shields, N'land, A B Seaman
    Joseph BLYTHE Other M Male 28 Newcastle On Tyne, N'land, A B Seaman
    Thomas MATTHEWS Other M Male 41 Newcastle , N'land, Chief Engineer
    John PEARSON Other M Male 28 North Shields, N'land, Second Engineer
    Isaac PARKINSON Other M Male 18 North Shields, N'land, Engineers Steward
    John OLIVER Other M Male 26 North Shields, Northumberland, Fireman
    Joseph PARKER Other M Male 27 North Shields, Northumberland, Fireman
    James SMITH Other M Male 29 North Shields, Northumberland, Fireman
    George SHIRWELL Other M Male 32 North Shields, N'land, Fireman

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