William Cowell BageJane Ann Bamborough

John Bamborough BageEleanor Johnson Legg

George Henry Bage

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Children with:
Vera Isabel Taylor Arundell

Anna Daniel Bage
John William Bage
Margaret Brown Bage
Hugh Bamborough Bage
James Bage
Eleanor Johnson Bage
Joseph William Cowell Bage
Henry Johnson Bage

George Arundel Bage
Elizabeth Beatrice Bage
Lionel John Bage
George Henry Bage
  • Born: 9 Dec 1894, North Shields
  • Married 16 Jun 1923, Tynemouth, to Vera Isabel Taylor Arundell
  • Died: 27 Feb 1967, Balmain, Sydney, Australia. Buried at Northern Suburbs Crematorium
  • Occupation: Deep Sea Diver
  • Reference: 1901 Census

    pict359.jpg [142x193] George Henry Bage in his deep sea diving outfit
    George Henry Bage was a deep sea diver and at one time held the record for the deepest sea dive. He was a Sapper in WW1 and manned the big search lights in England. He was awarded the Military Medal for bravery. During WW11 he worked on the hospital ships off the coast of Australia. He later became a boilermaker.


    1901 Census - Living in Tynemouth

    1262104 30293278 John Bage 32 North Shields Watermen Submarine Driver
    1262104 30293279 Eleanor Bage 33 North Shields
    1262104 30293280 Anna Bage 8 North Shields
    1262104 30293281 John Bage 7 North Shields
    1262104 30293282 George Bage 6 North Shields
    1262104 30293283 Margaret Bage 3 North Shields
    1262104 30293284 Hugh Bage 1 North Shields
    1262104 30293285 James Bage 4M North Shields

    George and Vera, and son George emigrated to Australia in 1920s

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