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Grace Isabella Bage
  • Born: 13 Aug 1899, Tynemouth
  • Died: 19 Jan 1904, 23 Grey Street, North Shields (see notes)

    1901 Census - Living in Tynemouth

    1262014 30291017 Grace Bage 1 North Shields
    1262014 30291016 Mary Bage 23 Howdon on Tyne
    1262014 30291015 William Bage 25 North Shields Doctors Coachman


    Taken from Shields Daily News, 21 Jan 1904

    Inquests at North Shields - The Drowing of a Child in a Well

    "Last night, in the Police Court, North Shields, Mr Deputy Coroner H. T. Rutherford conducted an inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of Grace Isabella Bage, four years of age, daughter of William Henry Bage, of Grey Street. It was stated by Charles Bowman, an uncle of the deceased, that the parents were so much prostrated with grief that they were unable to attend the inquiry. It appeared from the evidence that on Tuesday the mother of the child visited a sister in Princes Stree, taking the deceased with her. This was about 10.30 in the monring. The child ran out into the backyard and became lost. A search was made for her, but withour avail; until late in the afternoon, when the deceased's aunt observed some pieces of bread floating on the top of the water in a well in the yard. The well had a square opening about sixteen inches across flush with the surface of the yard, and there was a loose wooden cover over it. On hearing of the bread in the well the father had his suspicions aroused. He dragged the well and found the child's body. The jury returned a verdict to the effect that the child had been accidentally drowned by falling into the well, and at the request of the jury, the coroner undertook to see the owner of the property with a view to having the cover over the well properly fixed."

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