Thomas BageMargaret CowellJohn BamboroughMargaret Brown

William Cowell BageJane Ann Bamborough

Hugh Bamborough Bage

l i n k s
Children with:
Laura Annie Nott

William Henry Bage
John Bamborough Bage
Thomas Cowell Bage
James Hudspeth Bage
Joseph William Bage
Margaret Ann Bage
Meggie Bage
Jane Ann Bage

Hugh Bambrough Bage
Ethel Maud Bage
Joseph William Cowell Bage
Margaret Jane (AKA Jenny) Bage
Audrey Bage
Hugh Bamborough Bage
  • Born: 5 Apr 1881, Tynemouth
  • Married 3 May 1903, Christ Church, Tynemouth, Northumberland, to Laura Annie Nott
  • Died: 28 Jun 1933, 29 Queen Alexander Road, North Shields
  • Occupation: Grocers Assistant in 1903

    Married in the presence of Edward Elliot and Ethel Nott


    1901 Census - Living in Tynemouth

    1262023 30291300 Peter Legg, 51, North Shields, Waterman
    1262023 30291301 Jane Legg, 53, Alnwick
    1262023 30291302 Robert Legg,16,So Shields,Blacksmith Apprentice
    1262023 30291303 Hugh Bage, 16,No Shields, Grocers Apprentice
    1262023 30291304 Thomas Bage, 17, No Shields,Grocers Apprentice
    1262023 30291305 James Bage,14,No Shields,Grocer Errand Boy

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