Gilbert SoftleyElizabeth Nicholson

Gilbert SoftleyGrace Richardson

Mary Ann Softley

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Children with:
William Henry Bage

Gilbert Softley
Elizabeth Softley
Eleanor Grace Softley
William John Softley
Jane Softley
Robertina Softley
Ellenor Softley
Ethel Softley

Violet May Bage
William Henry Bage
Grace Isabella Bage
Eveline Mary Bage
Mary Ann Softley
  • Born: 7 May 1876, Hodgson Street., Willington, Wallsend
  • Married 3 Oct 1898, Christ Church, North Shields, to William Henry Bage
  • Died: 17 Jan 1953, 80 Kings Road, Wallsend, Buried Holy Cross, Wallsend

    In 1881 Census - Living 19 Hodgson St, Wallsend, Northumberland, England


    Gilbert SOFTLEY Head W Male 36 South Shields, Durham, Iron Shipbuilder
    William J. SOFTLEY Son U Male 20 Chirton, House Joiner
    Elizabeth SOFTLEY Daur Female 10 Wallsend, Scholar
    Jane SOFTLEY Daur Female 8 Wallsend, Scholar
    Gilbert SOFTLEY Son Male 7 Wallsend, Scholar
    Mary SOFTLEY Daur Female 4 Wallsend, Scholar
    Robertina SOFTLEY Daur Female 3 Wallsend,
    Ellen C. JOHNSTON Other W Female 46 Tynemouth, Servant (Dom)

    1901 Census - Living in Tynemouth

    1262014 30291017 Grace Bage 1 North Shields
    1262014 30291016 Mary Bage 23 Howdon on Tyne
    1262014 30291015 William Bage 25 North Shields Doctors Coachman


    Residence at time of marriage - 27 Linskill Terrace

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